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If you are up to date and in tune with social media you will know that it is constantly changing and sometimes at a faster rate than we can keep up with.  That being said the ever changing updates are usually in our favour and in line with what social media fans want.  With that in mind we want to make sure that you are up to date and aware of the latest news in the social media world.

  1. Social Networks Celebrating Pride Month

    For those of you that are not aware June is officially Pride month and social networks have come a long way and jumped right in to help celebrate the month.  To celebrate each social media network has included additional features and tools to show support, these range from colourful hashtags and stickers on Instagram and rainbow themed frames on Facebook to emojis that are triggered by pride related hashtags on Twitter.  These small features and tools are great for the LGBTQA community as not only does it show support it is also a great way of encouraging people to to learn and discover meaningful content.  Spreading awareness and support is the key feature here and we ourselves salute all of the social media networks that have decided to get involve.  If you were not aware of any of these additional features why not head on over to your favourite social media platform and show some support by picking out your favourite feature.

  2. Facebook Updates

    There has been a lot of attention on Facebook in the last few months and a lot of confusion and some people even feel betrayed by Facebook.  However that all being said Facebook is still a number one favourite for social media fans and it still attains a large number of loyal members.  We have three updates for Facebook these are:


    ♥ Facebook’s Trending Section Ending

    Facebook’s trending news topic section seems to be failing on not proving as effective as they had hoped, there has been a terrible lack of engagement which has forced the social media network to remove it.  Facebook confirmed that the trending topics section accounted for less than 1.5% of clicks to news publishers, which is quite poor.  However Facebook are committed to ensuring they can deliver news in the most effective and trustworthy way, one of the ideas they are exploring is by referencing big news headlines under the label “Breaking News“.  Further information can be found on Facebook’s news blog.

    ♥ New Influencer Search Engine

    So what is this? We’re glad you asked…. This is Facebook’s great new innovation to help marketers and influencers come together.  The brand new tool is called ‘Branded Content Matching Search Engine’.  This search engine tool is designed to help marketers and influences to merge together for sponsored content.  The search engine will initially focus on lifestyle creators and brands, whereby marketers will be able to search for compatible content creators using variable parameters.  At the same time influencers will be able to share their portfolios and opt in for the test.  We see this as a great opportunity and simply a win-win for both parties.

    ♥ Facebook Story Ads

    For the hardcore social media fans out there, you will know that Facebook stories has become a real success and it’s popularity has soared to the point where there are now 150 million daily users.  Now with that in mind Facebook has decided to add adverts to stories, meaning advertisers will be given the opportunity to buy 5-15 second long video ads.  This will mean they will either show up in news feed ads or be an extension of Instagram story ads.

  3. Instagram Updates

    Instagram never fails to surprise us and is constantly trying to update and introduce new features for its media loving loyal fans.  In the last year alone we can honestly say we have lost track with how many new features and tools they have included/updated whether they are small or big they definitely know how to keep their fans loyal.  We have four updates from Instagram:

    ♥ Instagram Sheds Light on New Algorithm

    As most of you aware Instagram decided to change their algorithm in March of this year, which left a lot of fans disgruntled and upset.  Users experienced missing posts and friends’ post, in figures this was at 70% and 50% bot respectively.  Needless to say fans were very unhappy about this update especially as users were not informed, however since the uproar Instagram have finally decided to explain its new algorithm and reasons behind the change.
    -What is the update: The new update includes three main factors that will impact and determine your feed, these are: Interest, Recency, and Relationships.
    -Why the change: Instagram have advised that the new update was introduced to elim9inate spamming ads and to try to stabilise users’ feeds allowing people to reach their intended audiences and to engage with the right content.

    It has been a few months since the update and we think its safe to say that now that all the drama has calmed down the update doesn’t seem to be that bad, bottom line is not everyone likes change but they soon get used to it.

    ♥ Instagram To Introduce New “Usage Insights”

    This is an interesting new feature set out by Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom, he has announced that Instagram plan to build new tools to advise users of how much time they have spent on the platform.  The aim is to improve users experience and productivity on the platform, with a feature that tells users when they have read all of the newest posts in their feed, thus eliminating passive scrolling and counter-productive usage of the platform.  As we have mentioned this is a very interesting feature and we would like to see how it pans out.  Watch this space for an update on this feature in a few months time.

    ♥ Data Download Tool

    With all the GDPR press that has been in the news the last few months, Instagram have decided to take a step in the right direction to align with the new EU regulations data probability rule and introduce a data download tool.  So what does this mean for it’s users?  It means that if for some reason you are bored of Instagram and want to leave the platform, you can do so without loosing any valuable content.  The tool will allow you to download all your favourite photos, videos and archived stories along with profile information.  This is a great handy tool and will give users greater confidence in knowing that they can leave at any time should they wish to.

    ♥ Instagram Nametags

    This is one of our favourite updates and will be of many Instagram fans.  Instagram are introducing nametags, on top of this fantastic news not only will you be able to have your own nametag you will be able to fully customise your own QR tags on your profile using emojis and patterns.  This feature is a great step forward and is definitely a useful feature that will help people promote their accounts as well as small businesses, nametags will  have the addition of being able to be scanned by the Instagram Stories Camera.  Definitely our favourite feature of them all.

  4. YouTube Updates

    YouTube is still greater than ever and video streaming platform is still as popular as ever.  YouTube have made a bold move and decided to introduce the new YouTube Red which is a combination of YouTube Music, YouTube Gaming, YouTube Kids and of course YouTube.  We can say that it has officially been running since May 22nd, which offers a large range of music streaming, from original content form official songs and albums as well as playlists and artist radio stations.  Along with this are remixes and live performances which is a dream come true for music lovers.  There will be two offers available the free version which solely offers YouTube Music or the premium option which includes all of the above.  The bad news is that YouTube Red is only available in a few select countries and the UK is sadly not one of them as of yet.  Watch this space as soon as we hear anymore and any details of whn it is available to the UK we will update you.

Quite a few updates there and some real new features that should be interesting over the months to come.  If social media accounts for a big percentage of your life then this is the right place to be to get all the latest gossip and updates.  Social Warehouse likes to stay up to date and in the know so that we can best assist our clients, if you are struggling or would like someone to take the stress of social media of your hands then get in contact with one of our friendly expert niches specialists today.

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